2012-13 Season

Oct. Bats and wind energy: Michael Schirmacher, Wind Energy Fields Project Biologist for Bat Conservation International, discussed research into methods for reducing bat fatalities at wind energy facilities. Nov. Owl Prowl: In a special two-part program (separate from our regular conservation awards banquet), Dr. Tom Sproat (Northern Kentucky University) introduced both children and adults to theContinue reading “2012-13 Season”

2011-12 Season

Sept. A Swift Night Out: In a special September program, Shirley Needham, a wildlife rehabilitator from Fulton County, told us all about her specialty: chimney swifts. Afterward, we went to a nearby building to watch migrating swifts swoop into a chimney roost. Oct. Sigma Xi research presentations: In a joint meeting with the BSU Chapter of SigmaContinue reading “2011-12 Season”

2010-11 Season

Oct. Habitat restoration at Zeigler Woods: Jon Creek, Jeff Ray, and BSU student Tom Fraley showed us the work our chapter undertook at the Zeigler Woods Nature Preserve in summer 2010: removal of brome grass and planting of native grasses on 50 acres of former pasture. Nov. Conservation awards program Dec. Field course study in South Africa: BiologyContinue reading “2010-11 Season”

2009-10 Season

Oct. The Value of the Honeybee: Ball State education professor Carolyn Walker presented information about the natural history of the honey bee, pollination, the importance of honeybees in the ecosystem, and colony collapse disorder. Nov. Conservation awards program Dec. New Mexico National Parks: Bonnie Nicholson, former RCAS president and now employee of Bandelier National Monument, gave aContinue reading “2009-10 Season”

2008-09 Season

Oct. Mountaintop removal: Kentucky environmentalist Dave Cooper, with the Mountaintop Removal Road Show, gave a stirring presentation on mountaintop “mining” practices that have destroyed mountains and communities in Appalachia. Nov. Conservation awards program Dec. South Pacific travels: Allen King – longtime RCAS member, world traveler, and talented photographer – took us on a colorful photo journey to Tahiti, Tuamotu,Continue reading “2008-09 Season”

2007-08 Season

Oct. Cerulean warblers in Indiana: BSU ornithologist Kamal Islam presented research that he and his students have conducted on this declining species over the last seven years. Nov. Photography across Indiana: Richard Fields, photography editor for Outdoor Indiana magazine and one of two state photographers for the DNR, presented a montage of some of his best photos, taken acrossContinue reading “2007-08 Season”

2006-07 Season

Oct. Chimney swift nesting and roosting: Shirley Needham, a wildlife rehabilitator from Rochester, Indiana, presented research that she and others have done on chimney swifts and the disappearance of suitable nesting and roosting sites. More info at www.chimneyswifts.org. Nov. The Birds of Madison County: Tom and Jean Harbron, creators of the Birds of Madison County website, showed highlights of theContinue reading “2006-07 Season”

2005-06 Season

Oct. Environmental activism: Chapter president Mike Lannoo, Phil Tevis, and John Craddock led a discussion about the role that the RCAS can play in water quality, habitat restoration, and other environmental impact issues in East Central Indiana. Nov. Specimen collecting in Antarctica & Lilly Endowment funding: Mike Lannoo gave a slide show on his collecting trip to theContinue reading “2005-06 Season”

2004-05 Season

Oct. Mountaintop mining: Dave Cooper, an environmental activist from Lexington, Kentucky, showed us the devastating destruction that’s being created by mountaintop coal mining practices in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky. Nov. Colorful fall photography: Allen King, one of our long-time members, took us from New England to Utah, with a detour to Florida, following the season’s changingContinue reading “2004-05 Season”

2003-04 Season

Nov. IDNR reintroduction project: Dr. John Castrale, Nongame Biologist with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, gave us an overview of Indiana’s programs to reintroduce peregrine falcons, bald eagles, whooping cranes, and ospreys to the state. Dec. Photography from Lake Powell: Allen King, one of the chapter’s most talented photographers, took us to Lake Powell and surroundingContinue reading “2003-04 Season”