2010-11 Season

Oct.Habitat restoration at Zeigler Woods: Jon Creek, Jeff Ray, and BSU student Tom Fraley showed us the work our chapter undertook at the Zeigler Woods Nature Preserve in summer 2010: removal of brome grass and planting of native grasses on 50 acres of former pasture.
Nov.Conservation awards program
Dec.Field course study in South Africa: Biology professor Kamal Islam led us on a journey with students from Ball State University to explore the biodiversity, conservation biology issues, and cultures of South Africa.
Jan.Birds of Cuba: Jean Ulman showed us highlights of a birding trip (sponsored by the Indiana Audubon Society and Caribbean Conservation Trust) that took her and 13 other participants throughout Cuba for two weeks.
Feb.White River Watershed Project: Colby Gray and Phil Tevis, who work with both Flatland Resources and the White River Watershed Project, told us about a recent study about point and non-point source pollution in the White River.
Mar.Bird protection & conservation in an urban environment: Don Gorney, president of the Amos W. Butler Audubon Society, told us about initiatives he’s leading to protect birds in Indiana: Lights Out Indy, an initiative to reduce bird deaths due to building strikes, and Wings Over Indy, an effort to benefit Common Nighthawks and Chimney Swifts.
Apr.Indiana turtle conservation & rehabilitation: Marty LaPrees, founder and president of Indiana Turtle Care, told us about Indiana turtles – their natural history, habits, and habitats – as well as conservation of native species and the work that she does as a wildlife rehabilitator specializing exclusively in turtles.
MayWildflowers of Mounds State Park: Through both photos and plant specimens, Angie Manuel – naturalist interpreter at Mounds State Park (Anderson) – shared with us the beauty and science of spring and summer wildflowers at the park.
JuneWet-footed birds of South Africa: Bill Mahoney took us to South Africa through photos taken by his son Michael, with a focus on birds that swim or wade.

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