2009-10 Season

Oct.The Value of the Honeybee: Ball State education professor Carolyn Walker presented information about the natural history of the honey bee, pollination, the importance of honeybees in the ecosystem, and colony collapse disorder.
Nov.Conservation awards program
Dec.New Mexico National Parks: Bonnie Nicholson, former RCAS president and now employee of Bandelier National Monument, gave a slide presentation of New Mexico’s thirteen National Park sites and their plants, birds, and other wildlife.
Jan.Bat conservation and threats: Biology professor Tim Carter, who specializes in bats at Ball State, told us about his innovative efforts to help conserve bat populations, by converting abandoned mines into bat hibernacula, and about white nose syndrome (WNS), which is killing bats in record numbers.
Feb.Composting with worms: Susan Eichhorn, Education Coordinator for the East Central Indiana Solid Waste District, showed us how to create a vermicomposting farm for the home, allowing earthworms to eat kitchen scraps and make some of the best fertilizer you’ll ever find.
Mar.Rain gardens: Rain garden expert Holly Chaille gave advice on establishing a rain garden, which allows rainwater runoff from roofs, driveways, walkways, and compacted lawn areas to be absorbed, thus reducing the amount of pollution that reaches creeks and streams.
Apr.Barred owls of Shadyside Park: Jean and Tom Harbron presented the pictorial odyssey of barred owls they followed in Shadyside Park (Anderson) from 1999 to 2009. They chronicled the owl family’s history on their website, Birds of Madison Countyincluding a tribute to the last member of the owl dynasty.
MayWeeds: Daisy Fryman, educator and scientist with the Purdue Extension in Delaware County, provided an overview of “weeds,” both native (good weeds) and invasive (bad weeds) and their relationship with different environments.
JuneNature photo slide show: RCAS members and friends showed off some of their best nature photography for the last program of the season.

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