Forestry for the Birds

Last summer, a videographer for The Nature Conservancy spent some time with Dr. Kamal Islam and his students while they were in the field researching Cerulean Warblers in southern Indiana.  The resulting 5-minute video, titled Forestry for the Birds, is available on YouTube at Kamal, who is Professor of Wildlife Biology at Ball State UniversityContinue reading “Forestry for the Birds”

Christmas Bird Count

The results are in!  During our local Christmas Bird Count, on December 19, 2021, a total of 51 species—and 2,413 individual birds—were recorded.  Topping the list were 287 American Crows, barely squeezing out the second place finishers, European Starlings.  To see all the numbers, download a PDF of the 2021 data, and, for comparison, youContinue reading “Christmas Bird Count”

2021-22 Season

Sept. Monitoring Overwinter Survival Program: Steven Albert and Lauren Helton, of the Institute for Bird Populations, will tell us about the institute’s Monitoring Overwinter Survival (MoSI) program, an international network that helps scientists better understand the factors that affect avian population declines. Oct. Treasuries & discoveries: Chapter members shared images and stories of their 2021 birding joysContinue reading “2021-22 Season”

2020-21 Season

Oct. Stockbridge Audubon Society: Terri Gorney shared her research about the Stockbridge Audubon Society, the first Audubon chapter in Indiana and one of the oldest in the country. The chapter’s namesake, Charles Stockbridge, was a taxidermist whose collection of 200+ birds now resides at Earlham College. Nov. Voices & Vision for RCAS: In a veryContinue reading “2020-21 Season”