2008-09 Season

Oct.Mountaintop removal: Kentucky environmentalist Dave Cooper, with the Mountaintop Removal Road Show, gave a stirring presentation on mountaintop “mining” practices that have destroyed mountains and communities in Appalachia.
Nov.Conservation awards program
Dec.South Pacific travels: Allen King – longtime RCAS member, world traveler, and talented photographer – took us on a colorful photo journey to Tahiti, Tuamotu, and the Marquesas Islands.
Jan.Eastern massasauga rattlesnake: Dr. Bruce Kingsbury, Director of the Center for Reptile and Amphibian Conservation and Management at IPUFW, acquainted us with the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake and its unique niche in Indiana ecosystems.
Feb.The birds of Goose Pond: Restoration of the 8,000-acre Goose Pond and Beehunter Marsh is arguably the most exciting event for Indiana birders in the last decade. Dr. Lee Sterrenburg, of the Sassafras Audubon Society, shared findings about the 241 bird species that have now been recorded at the site.
Mar.Loblolly BioBlitz: Limberlost Program Developer Jamie Faller shared recent developments at the Limberlost and previewed the Loblolly BioBlitz, a 24-hour assessment of the Loblolly Marsh Wetland Preserve in June 2009.
Apr.Spring birding in Indiana: Experienced local birder Morris Gevirtz discussed the ecology of Indiana and the birds we should look for, along with his five not-to-be-missed one-day birding destinations.
MayWildlife Resqu Haus: Diana Shaffer, founder and director of the Wildlife Resqu Haus (Yorktown), gave a slide presentation highlighting some of the most fascinating patients she’s worked with since 1963. She also brought two of her education birds.
JuneNature photo slide show: Nine RCAS members and friends showed off some of their best nature photography for the last program of the season.

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