2015-16 Season

Oct.Bats of Indiana: Purdue biologist Ryan Slack covered a variety of topics about bats: myths, specialized adaptations, anatomy and classification, habitats, conservation, White Nose Syndrome, bat calls, rabies, and the 12 bat species found in Indiana.
Nov.Conservation awards program
Dec.Bird research in southern Indiana: Jeff Riegel, field supervisor of the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment (HEE), spoke about current bird-related research being conducted by HEE in state forests near Bloomington.
Jan.Puerto Rican Parrot: Ball State’s Dr. Tom McConnell spoke about the critically endangered Puerto Rican Parrot, the many threats that these birds have faced (habitat loss, hunting, and the pet trade), and the ongoing efforts to conserve them.
Feb.Indiana’s invasive fish species: Members of the American Fisheries Society student chapter at Ball State University discussed invasive fish species and their impacts on aquatic ecosystems in Indiana, in contrast to the beneficial role played by native fish like the longnose dace.
Mar.Indiana’s nongame bird program: Allisyn Gillet, nongame bird biologist for the IDNR, talked about the state’s nongame bird program. She focused on several major conservation projects, including the Bald Eagle and Peregrine Falcon restorations and Interior Least Tern management.
Apr.The MessengerWith support from local conservation groups, we showed a new documentary film, The Messenger, which addresses the many plights that songbirds face today, from window collisions and feral cats to illegal hunting.
MayRed-tail Land Conservancy: Barry Banks, founder and Executive Director of Red-tail Land Conservancy, spoke about Red-tail’s work in preserving, protecting, and restoring natural areas and farmland in East Central Indiana, as well as the organization’s future.
JuneRCAS Costa Rica adventure: In March, 16 RCAS members, led by Kamal Islam, explored the amazing biodiversity of Costa Rica, tallying 256 bird species, 21 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 11 mammal species. At our June meeting, Kamal shared highlights of the trip.

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