2013-14 Season

Oct.Wildlife Resqu Haus: In her final public program, Diana Shaffer talked about the work she did for 50 years as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in caring for injured, ill, and orphaned birds, mammals, and other critters.
Nov.Conservation awards program
Dec.IDNR reintroduction project: Dr. John Castrale, a nongame bird biologist with the IDNR’s Division of Fish and Wildlife, talked about bird reintroduction projects in Indiana, especially those of bald eagles, peregrine falcons, and ospreys.
Jan.Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment (HEE): Andy Meier (Purdue University) spoke about the HEE, one of the largest ecological experiments in Indiana. Its researchers are determining the effects of different logging methods on birds, bats, small mammals, salamanders, arthropods, vegetation, etc.
Feb.Deciphering loon calls: Dr. Jay Mager, from Ohio Northern University, shared his research into common loon behavior and unveiled some of the mysteries of loon calls.
Mar.No program because of bad weather
Apr.Exotic birds: John Velasquez, an avid local birder, shared stories of some of the hundreds of birds he has seen and photographed in Mexico, Panama, and Trinidad, as well as Arizona and the Midwest.
MayThe Big Year: Kirk Roth gave a presentation about his Big Year, in which he tried to see as many birds species in Indiana as possible in 2013. He a new record for Indiana birders to strive for in 2014!
JuneCrab spider ecology: Dr. Gary Dodson, Professor of Biology at Ball State, presented information on crab spiders, which capture insect prey larger than themselves without using a web and change color to match their background.

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