2017-18 Season

Oct.Welcome back the bluebirds: Christy Frampton, president of  Boone County Bluebird Society and district coordinator for the Indiana Bluebird Society, offered insights about Eastern Bluebirds’ nesting habits, why they need our help, and how to attract them. 
Nov.Conservation awards program
Dec.Birding close to home: Rose Jeffery, RCAS Field Trip Chair, showcased the best birding sites within a two-hour drive of Muncie – a long list that includes Summit Lake, Mounds State Park, Limberlost/Loblolly, and two dozen other sites.
Jan.Threats to Hawaii’s unique and rare birds: Dr. Kamal Islam, biology professor at Ball State, presented the many threats to Hawai’i’s unique and rare avifauna and the ways in which climate change will further jeopardize their future survival.
Feb.Where do forest birds go after nesting?: Patrick Ruhl shared some recent results of his radio-tracking and bird-banding studies, which focused on the habitat associations of mature forest bird species in southern Indiana.
Mar.To the Alaskan Arctic and back: Lois and Erv Rockhill shared photos and stories of their 3.5-month adventure, driving 13,640 miles round-trip to Alaska. They spent two full months in Alaska, visiting many national, state, and provincial parks along the way.
Apr.Pollinators and their plant relationships: Cheryl LeBlanc (curator and ecologist
of Ball State’s orchid collection) discussed various plant characteristics and their pollinators – with special emphasis on orchids and native plants – and explained why these relationships are important in all ecosystems around the world.
MayVocal behavior of the Cerulean Warbler: Garrett MacDonald shared his research on the vocal behavior of the Cerulean Warbler, focusing on the geographic song variation and characteristics of the dawn singing period.
JuneThe year of 19 owls: Kevin Cornell and Allee Forsberg declared 2018 the “Year of the Owl,” with the goal of seeing all 19 North American owl species. In this presentation they shared stories and photos of their year’s adventure.

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