2004-05 Season

Oct.Mountaintop mining: Dave Cooper, an environmental activist from Lexington, Kentucky, showed us the devastating destruction that’s being created by mountaintop coal mining practices in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky.
Nov.Colorful fall photography: Allen King, one of our long-time members, took us from New England to Utah, with a detour to Florida, following the season’s changing colors through the lens of a camera.
Dec.Galapagos Islands: Dr. Paul Thomas, a veteran global traveler, introduced us to the fascinating organisms that caught Charles Darwin’s attention when he visited the Galapagos Islands in the 1830s.
Jan.Meeting canceled because of bad weather.
Feb.Bird documentary: Videotape of a special bird presentation.
Mar.Freshwater mussels: Brant Fisher, Nongame Aquatic Biologist with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, gave an overview of freshwater mussels, one of the most endangered groups of animals in Indiana.
Apr.Spring warblers: For the 2005 banquet, Don Gorney, well-known birdwatcher and Chair of the Indiana Bird Records Committee, provided a slide show presentation on the more common warblers of East Central Indiana.
MayAntlered flies: Dr. Gary Dodson, biology professor at Ball State University, shared his research on the strange-looking antlered flies of Papua New Guinea and Australia.
JuneMalformed frogs: Laura Guderyahn, research assistant to Dr. Mike Lannoo in amphibian research, discussed known causes of malformed frogs.

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