Jay County

Limberlost/Loblolly Marsh


The Limberlost Swamp was once a 13,000-acre system of wetlands, immortalized in the writings of Gene Stratton-Porter.

Today, more than 1,500 of those acres have been restored to wetlands, providing large populations of waterfowl, shorebirds, songbirds, raptors, and other birds.

While the wetlands spread into much of Adams County, the most important area for birders is the Loblolly Marsh Wetland Preserve, on County Rd. 250 W in Jay County, west of the town of Bryant. Egrets and Great Blue Herons gather there by the dozens, and at the right time of the year, visitors can expect to see Sandhill Cranes, rails, bitterns, and Bald Eagles.

You can get a sneak preview of things to see at the Limberlost and Loblolly with this photo set.