Christmas Bird Count

The results are in!  During our local Christmas Bird Count, on December 19, 2021, a total of 51 species—and 2,413 individual birds—were recorded.  Topping the list were 287 American Crows, barely squeezing out the second place finishers, European Starlings. 

To see all the numbers, download a PDF of the 2021 data, and, for comparison, you can also take a look at the December 2020 results, when we had 50 species and 4,351 individual birds.

Check the national Christmas Bird Count website later this spring, when national results will be posted.

Thank you to the eleven RCAS volunteers who spent several hours counting in the field, three counters who recorded species at their bird feeders, and RCAS board member Jim Schowe, who serves as our primary compiler.

The National Audubon Society conducted the first Christmas Bird Count in 1900, making it the Western Hemisphere’s longest-running wildlife census and one of the world’s greatest ongoing citizen-science efforts. Scientists use the data gathered to help track trends in bird populations and address conservation issues.

(Photo by Martha Hunt.)

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