Upcoming Programs

Birding close to home – Dec. 7

White River WoodsSometimes the best birding happens in our own back yards! Come to Audubon’s December 7 program, when our Field Trip Chair, Rose Jeffery, will tells us about the best birding sites within a two-drive of Muncie.

If you have any favorite places that Rose should include in her program, please send them to her at rosemariejeffery@gmail.com by December 1. (Unfortunately, we can’t include private property in the program, unless it’s your property!) Be sure to clearly identify the location and any relevant tips about the best times of the year to visit, noteworthy species that might be found there, etc. If you have any photos, feel free to send those along, too.

Chapter business and refreshments will begin at 7 p.m. at Kennedy Library, followed by Rose’s program at 7:15. As always, non-Audubon members are welcomed, so bring a friend!