Past Programs: 2018-19 season

December: Hoosier Whooping CranesWhooping Crane

Danielle Williams, of the International Crane Foundation, discussed how the Whooping Crane made its amazing comeback from fewer than 20 individuals in the 1940s to more than 800 today. She discussed the creative methods used to bring Whooping Cranes back to the eastern U.S., the ongoing challenges associated with this effort, and how some cranes ended up in Indiana.

November: Hummingbirds of Indianahummingbird

Carl and Amy Wilms, resident managers at the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary, shared insights about Ruby-throated Hummingbird migration and breeding, gleaned from research they've been conducting at the sanctuary.

October: Undergraduate wildlife biology adventuresAves ArgentinasNWSO

Our speakers were two undergraduate students in Ball State’s wildlife biology and conservation major. Kaitlin Gavenda presented her research on Northern Saw-whet Owls (NSWOs) in East Central Indiana, and Kalee Snorden shared her experiences as a summer intern with Aves Argentinas, part of BirdLife International.

Archives are available for programs from October 2003-June 2018.