All individuals from our seven-county region who join the National Audubon Society are automatically assigned to membership in the Robert Cooper Audubon Society. They then receive the Audubon magazine five times a year, as well as Cooper's Talk and The Tweet, the official newsletters of the RCAS, which are also published five times a year.

To become a member of the RCAS and the National Audubon Society, at an introductory rate of $20 per year ($35 per year thereafter), visit the Audubon website.Be sure to select our chapter – H07 – from the Chapter Code drop-down menu.

For those who wish to join the Robert Cooper Audubon Society but not the National Audubon Society,we offerchapter-only memberships separate from National Audubon Society membership. Here's what that means:

Audubon magazineWhen you join the National Audubon Society, only about $2.50 of your membership fees support our chapter. If you become a chapter-only member of the Robert Cooper Audubon Society, you will not receive the Audubon magazine, but you'll gain the satisfaction of knowing that your donation goes entirely to the support of our chapter and its activities in East Central Indiana.

Basic annual membership is $20 ($15 for students). New memberships and renewals may be submitted at any time of the year.

Click to download a membership form, then return it to Sandy Ho, Membership Chair, at the address indicated.

Or you can join or renew via PayPal. (Follow link at left.)