Julie Borgmann

Julie BorgmannWinner of the Clyde W. Hibbs Conservation Education Award: for excellence in educating the area's children, youth, and /or adults on conservation issues and practices

Julie Borgmann, Red-tail Land Conservancy's Development and Outreach Director for the past three years, was awarded the Clyde W. Hibbs Conservation Education Award.

After 27 years as a pharmacist, Julie began working with Red-tail in order to embrace her personal mission of connecting people to nature.

Julie Borgman with kidsTo that end, she has started many initiatives that have accomplished this mission: working with the youth of the Youth Opportunity Center, pioneering Muncie's Nature Play Days, re‐launching Red‐tail's Kids Club, leading numerous youth groups on hikes at Red‐tail properties, and much more.

She also writes a bi‐weekly nature column for the Star Press newspaper, encouraging readers to see aspects of nature they might not have previously noticed, or sometimes highlighting Red-tail properties.

Ultimately, by helping connect adults and youth to nature, Julie hopes to increase the well-being of individuals and our community as a whole.

“Julie's passion for conservation and wellbeing has become a great asset for our community,” wrote her nominator, “and I believe we will continue to see the impact of her work for many years to come.”